Win $200 by Telling Us Your Worst Experience Selling a Car

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Driveway Auction’s “Worst Story Contest”

by Grande Tomas | June 2, 2020

Win $200 by telling us your worst experience selling a car.  That’s why we founded Driveway Auction – to eliminate all of those! We’ve each had our own bad experiences prior to starting at Driveway, but now we want to hear from you – tell us the most outrageous,  hilarious, painful experience you had selling a car. Could be to a private party or a dealer, could be recent or years ago, we just want to hear your story! Email entries to To qualify you must be following Driveway Auction on Instagram, FB, Twitter, or TikTok

Must be 18 to enter.
One entry per person
We will not accept any videos that include profanity or inappropriate behavior.

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