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What is my car really worth?

Determining a used vehicle’s value takes time and research.  Even though online resources can give you an idea, small differences in your vehicle’s features and condition can dramatically change the actual value.

At Driveway, we hear story after story from people who got only a fraction of what research showed.  Driveway customers get the accurate and actionable information they need to make the best decision for their unique situation. Let us help you understand what your vehicle is actually worth and avoid the common mistakes that people make when selling their car.

"Private Party Value"

Loosely put, the value I will never get, but wish I could get for my vehicle.  Unfortunately, this number is less than what a dealer will list a vehicle for because dealers spend money to find buyers. So, without time, money and experience selling vehicles, private party value can be nearly impossible to attain.

"Trade-In Value"

This is what some parties estimate that you can get if you trade in your vehicle, but realistically more than what you will get for a trade-in.  In fact, we see that this is often what a private party will actually pay you for my vehicle in a private party sale.

"Instant Cash Offer"

Realistically, this is wholesale value or less.  This is the price that a dealer is willing to pay for a vehicle that they know very little about and must take a risk to buy.  If you want no hassle and do not care about how much you get for your vehicle, this can be a good option.

The Driveway Difference


Our experts work hard from the moment we hear from you to give you an accurate value of your vehicle by getting you real and current comparable vehicle values.


A Driveway professional inspector will inspect your vehicle to confirm the valuation research and prepare an inspection report for your vehicle.



Our competitive bidding process allows us to confirm the value of your vehicle through bids on our online auto auction to dealers.


When your reserve price is met or exceeded, your car is sold and all you have to do is drop off your car and get paid.

Ready to Let Driveway Value Your Car?

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