When Buyers Compete, You Win!

Why Driveway?

At Driveway Auction, we are transforming the way individuals sell their cars.  We believe the process of selling your car should be easy, intuitive, informative and a good experience.  We believe tomorrow’s generation should never experience the pain of knowing you should have gotten more for your car.  And we believe that both car dealers and consumers can win together.


We are committed to transforming the way that individuals sell their car by providing the information, tools and expertise required to ensure you receive the best value without the hassle.  Our fresh approach eliminates the time consuming process of selling a car alone, disposes of the painful and lopsided efforts of negotiating against car professionals, and enlightens consumers with the information they need to sell their vehicle confidently.  Our professional inspection reports combined with calculated market values, allows you, the car owner, to sell your car quickly with confidence and for the best price.


By providing a positive and transformative experience to consumers, Driveway has unlocked the best way for car dealers to find inventory while generating leads along the way.  With 22% of Driveway customers purchasing a new vehicle, Driveway is uniquely positioned to provide unparalleled value to car dealers .  The expertise of Driveway’s employees as both consumers and lifetime car dealership veterans, creates a unique and beneficial perspective.  This experience led to the creation of a simple yet professional and accurate inspection report designed to answer any questions a car dealer may have while making high-quality buying decisions.  No more guesswork.  Additionally, since Driveway is an online platform, car dealers can successfully bid on inventory from anywhere without having to drive from auction lot to auction lot.






An Auction at Your Fingertips

Are you a dealer? Driveway delivers quality cars that  you can count on.  Our highly trained and experienced inspectors deliver the reliable information about each car that will allow you to bid and buy with confidence.  Our commitment to high quality and reliable inspection reports allows car dealers to confidently buy used vehicles in a familiar auction format while generating the leads and customer relationships that help car dealers thrive in the competitive marketplace.

Satisfied Customers

“What a unique and simplified way to sell a car!!! …Whole process took approximately 30 minutes right there in the driveway. Next day I had multiple offers during the ‘auction’ from her network of retailers and it sold above my reserve. Couldn’t be more happy with the experience, and for the price of an online ad, it was all done and over with. Can’t wait to try it again on the next vehicle I have to offer up. Thanks Driveway Auction!”

Kyle F.

Carlsbad, CA Read more on Yelp…

“…Driveway Auction became hands down the best car selling experience I have ever had. …I had my doubts about the process having not heard much about this company. However, on faith, I decided to trust the reviews I found on Yelp and I am so glad I did. … I could not have asked for a better experience.”

Ron T.